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11 Awesome Wine Barrel Products You Need to Check Out for Your Home Wine Bar

  1. Sonoma Barrel Table Set

You have an enviable collection of wines from all over the place. You also have a kick ass gazebo in your yard. One thing is missing. The Sonoma Barrel Table Set is the missing piece of that puzzle. It lends a laid-back vibe to a wine afternoon with the peoples. With a split barrel bench and two half-barrel chairs, you can entertain your tight group in a rustic yet elegantly furnished chill out spot.


  1. Wine Barrel Table Set: Cabinet Base

Who wants to get up every now and then for a new bottle of wine? This set comes with a space to store extra bottles. This way, you only get up to dance or visit the bathroom. It has a removable lazy Susan on top. The top has extra surface area made out of barrelheads so that you are not scrambling for space. It is made out of retired barrels from Carli wineries and comes with naturally stained stools. The stories you could tell at this table!


  1. 28 Bottle Round Wine Rack

Imagine a glass wine showcase in a traditional country home. It would feel out of place. A sturdy barrel wine rack that holds a good number of bottles would be more fitting. This piece offers more room for the larger bottles in the middle column. The barrel top can be used as a surface especially when entertaining two or three friends. This piece is the definition of excellent artistry and quality material.

  1. Single Stave Spun Hoop Wine Rack- 1049

The epitome of creativity and repurposing. Fashioned from barrel stave with five spun barrel hoops, this is a uniquely original design. It is functionality with a touch of wine country elegance. What an efficient way to have your bottles handy and stylishly tucked?


  1. Wine Barrel Portable Folding Bar- 1024

This piece is hinged in the middle and opens up to a full 180°. It is made from retired solid oak French wine barrels with white oak tops. The stem is fitted with shelving for bottles and accessories. The bar is wherever you want it to be. It is convenient. It is stylish. It is spacious. It is comfortable. A wide array of stools are sold separately.


  1. Wine Barrel Cabinet Wine Chiller- 1027

You want to entertain out by the pool bar after dinner. Or maybe have a mini wine tasting at some point in the evening. This piece offers chilling space for eight bottles of your star wines. There is also additional storage for four bottles at the bottom. It is made out of retires French oak wine barrels.


  1. Sonoma Barrel 3 Tier Planter- 1085

This piece combines a love for well-crafted reused wood and nature. It offers three levels to play with. It is tidy and compact. It can also be moved at will since it only weighs about 70 lbs. It is a unique blend of classy, playful, and chill.


  1. 28” Single Wine Barrel Vanity Set- 1121

The history if winemaking in Napa goes back to the 1800s. This history is etched in the grains of these barrels. They are only coated with a bit of urethane epoxy. The hand hammered copper sink and pump style faucet will plunge you back t the old days only for a moment. This set will add a splash of country to an otherwise regular bathroom.


  1. Spiral Wine Barrel Hoop Pendant Light- 1035

You do not have to use the whole thing to pay homage to winemaking. This piece is made from spun pieces of French wine barrel hoops. Light shining through the patterns lends the room an almost romantic ambience with a slight sprinkle of antique. It is firmly fastened to a smooth metal rod.


10. Wine Barrel Chandelier

It looks a bit like an inverted ice cream cone. The cone is made out of solid wood staves. The rim at the tops is fashioned out of barrel hoops and holds little bulb holder extensions. Atop the cone, a creative design network of barrel hoops. Use of both textures and materials makes for an interestingly beautiful piece. It does not quite scream for attention. It is delightfully laid back.

11. Wine Barrel Clock

This clock can be personalized with a family or business name. It is carved then hand painted for a more authentic appeal. This piece is fashioned from the head of a retired French oak wine barrel complete with a hoop trimming. It is a step away from the traditional cocks. It is definitely a head turner. Everyone has use for the time. Just announce it uniquely.