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Here Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Skylight Glass Roof

Before you install a glass roof on your house it’s good if you know the complete skylight function with pros and cons. Do not regret in future! Installing glass in our homes requires serious consideration. Skylight itself does have many advantages. If you need the best roof installing service, you should contact the general contractor Oshkosh Wi.

However, despite all its advantages, greenhouse roofs also have quite a number of weaknesses, especially if they are not installed and applied correctly. These weaknesses can also endanger our safety as residents of the house.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt, let us examine together the functions and strengths and weaknesses of skylight glass roofs!

Brief Description of Glass Roof

The glass roof is a house material that is built to protect the house from rain and all kinds of weather without blocking sunlight from entering the room. Previously, the glass roof or more familiarly referred to as skylights, only used on the roof of the house.

But, as the times and the science of interior design, many architects and interior designers have implemented skylight systems as walls and partitions for houses. Skylights are usually applied to modern homes with minimal lighting systems that only rely on sunlight to illuminate almost the entire room.

Translucent sunlight will make the room look more natural compared to the effects of light provided by the lamp. The application of the material is different, from the glass canopy to the conservatory, depending on the choice of the homeowner.

Excellence Skylight Glass Roof

  1. Can Emit Natural Light

As already discussed, skylights function as an intermediate “window” between sunlight and a room in the house. Sunlight is natural lighting that can make your room feel warmer and more open. Natural lighting can improve mood and can help our work performance and activities at home.

  • Save Electricity

Electricity bill increased? Install skylight! By using a skylight, you will automatically save more electricity. You don’t need to turn on the lights during the day because you can rely on translucent sunlight from the glass roof. Sunlight is also shown to be brighter than light emitted by high colored lights. The light will also look more natural and not easy to damage the eyes.

  • Additional ventilation

Skylights don’t always have to be the roof of a house that you can’t do. The method of installing glass skylights can be various, there are permanent skylights, sliding, and canopies. By installing a sliding skylight, you can increase the amount of ventilation in the house so that the air circulation in your house is also smoother.

  • Expanding the Room

The advantage of the next glass roof is to create the illusion of a wider space. A room that has maximum lighting can be seen wider because the room is open and visible from end to end. With sunlight, you don’t have to spend money to buy lots of lights to illuminate the house, just by applying skylights, your house will always look wider.

Weaknesses Skylight Glass Roof

The weakness of the glass roof is actually not much, but including important because it relates to the comfort and safety of residents of the house. That is why we cannot take this negative effect lightly. If not considered properly,

Here are the disadvantages of installing a glass skylight on a house:

  • The construction is difficult and takes a long time. Building skylights require the right calculation and materials. If wrong, skylights can easily collapse and endanger the safety of occupants.
  • Make the room feel hot when the weather temperature is rising. Glass is the perfect conductor of heat. If no air ventilation system is provided in the room with skylights, the temperature of the heat can increase dramatically in the room.
  • Difficult to treat. The nature of transparent glass is often cleaned from the outside and inside when it is dusty. If left dirty will prevent sunlight from entering the house.

How? Have you built a skylight glass roof after reading the article above?