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Pond Fountains for small to large ponds!

A stagnant lake can make a beautiful pond environment become unhealthy and odorous. In order to keep your pond or lake enjoyable and healthy for years to come, you will need a pond aerator. 

A floating discount-pumps.biz/floating-fountains.htm pond fountain adds oxygen to your pond. A floating discount-pumps.biz/pond-lake-aerators.php pond aerator adds a large volume of oxygen into your pond or lake. The simple motion of flowing water controls the build-up of algae, sludge and weeds without costly or dangerous chemicals. Less stagnant water means fewer mosquitoes and other pesky insects. This disbursement creates an oxygen-rich environment and prevents water from becoming stagnant, which cannot only be unsightly, but also hazardous to your health and can cause fish kills. And the extra oxygen in the water promotes healthier fish and other wildlife. The fountains beautiful sprays look like something you would see in a resort or golf course. We offer pond fountains that range in spray from 10′ to 20′ high. It is possible to make a really big statement, our large  fountains have a spray of 45′ in height. To maximize your pond’s aeration, the aerator or fountain you select needs to be the correct size and have the proper features to do the job. This website has convenient charts to aid customer’s selection process in customizing aerators to their ponds. discount-pumps.biz Discount Pumps has a large variety of pond aerators and decorative pond fountain styles and sizes to choose from, including display pond aerator systems, diffused aeration systems, high-oxygen surface aerators and floating pond fountains.